sweet 16 games 3/17-3/22; here's yr updated bracket


or here's a printable pdf 


Songs for the tourney proper (not play-ins) are by artists who have one and only one US Top 40 hit. Songs are seeded according to highest chart position (so the top seeds hit #1, whereas the lower seeds may have just charted). 

However, since some songs that The Committee deemed essential didn't quite qualify on these merits but it felt should be included (Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" topped out at #41, incredibly, whereas Snow had another "hit" beyond "Informer"—"Girl I've Been Hurt" hit #19; you remember that? Neither do we), The Committee added play-in games for these essential songs to have the potential to make the tournament if you, the listener/viewer/reader, deem them worthy.

The Committee also typically tried to omit songs not really in the spirit of the tournament. So, for instance, though Concrete Blonde's "Joey" hit #19, Faith No More's "Epic" hit #9, and The Cardigans' "Lovefool" hit #2, they're omitted by virtue of their impressive careers/bodies of work (also all three of these songs are great). They should not, in The Committee's view, be considered proper one-hit-wonders. Ditto Sinead O'Connor, who apparently only had one US Top 40 hit ("Nothing Compares 2 U"). The Committee supposes, though, that hardcore fans of nearly any one of these bands could argue that their long careers make them not real one-hit-wonders. Well, we shall see how the games go.

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